Fiber Boat Repairing

The vast majority of production fibre boats in use today are built with multiple layers of reinforcing fabrics and core materials, bonded together with polyester resins. In addition to the usual damage from collisions, grounding and the forces of nature, fibreglass boats also suffer from age related problems such as fatigue and moisture, and although many of these problems can be intimidating, with correct techniques and materials they are not difficult to solve.
New Look Marine Services is an excellent choice for fibre boat repair. Solutions for seven common fibre boat repair projects that can be completed with New Look Marine Services are outlined in this section, with illustrations and step-by-step procedures to follow.

  • Loose Hardware
  • Cracks and Scratches
  • Delamination of Core Material
  • Holes and Punctures
  • Gelcoat Blistering
  • Transom Delamination
  • Keel Damage