Fuel Pump Repairing

New Look Marine Services handle the Fuel pump calibration machine to repair the Fuel Pumps in Ships.The electric fuel pump is the heart of every electronic fuel injection system. Let’s review the basics of this critical fuel injection part.

Usually located inside or near the fuel tank, the fuel pump’s job is two fold:

  • To push fuel from the tank to the injectors
  • To create sufficient pressure so the injectors will deliver the correct amount of fuel under all operating conditions

The pressure developed by the pump, as well as the volume of fuel it flows, must both meet the vehicle manufacturers’ requirements or engine performance, economy and emissions will suffer.

The amount of fuel pressure required for a given application will vary depending on the type of injection system (L-Jetronic, CIS, Motronic, etc.), the flow characteristics of the injectors and the engine’s fuel requirements.