Pipe Fabrication

We will carefully analyze your boat taking into account your needs, design and function. Every product is custom built to fit your boat and only your boat. No generic “one top fits all” ideas here. Once all the measurements are taken, we will produce scale drawings of your new top. After you approve of the design concept drawings, we will move to the next stage. Fabrication. Our skilled craftsman will build your top to the specifications of the drawings, then install the top on your boat.

All mounting braces are custom bent, welded and fitted to your boat. This produces a stronger top, and a top that looks like it was meant to be there. With this approach, braces can be used as wire runs. Our fiber glass tops are made in-house, so custom colors and sizes are possible without delay. All these things together help to make a clean and well-designed top that meets your needs and adds value and customization to your boat.