Aluminium Doors & Glasses

glass door

We offer a wide range of aluminium door frame used for supporting various doors made of premium aluminum. Available in various specifications these aluminium door frames are featured with durability, corrosion resistant and less maintenance. Also available in various colors these aluminum door frames can be customized as the clients specifies. We offer a wide range of aluminium door frames in specific thickness size: ? 24mm ? 30mm ? 35mm ? 37mm ? 40mm ? 25mm all this aluminum fabrication work not only enhances the look and feel of the establishments and offices but also create a clean atmosphere.

Derives its name from the name of its manufacturing process, the float process. In this process, a sheet of glass is passed repeatedly on a bed of molten tin. This process gives uniform thickness and a bright surface to the glass.Produced by applying a special treatment to ordinary float glass. The treatment involves heating the glass to very high temperatures (about 620 degrees C) so that it begins to soften; and then cooling it rapidly.